Governance Documents and Information

The complete section bylaws are available HERE.

The section social media policy is available HERE.


Chair: Sara L. Crawley, University of South Florida, scrawley@usf.edu (2020)
Chair-Elect: Kimberly Kay Hoang, University of Chicago, kayhoang@uchicago.edu (2020)
Past Chair: Abigail C. Saguy, University of California-Los Angeles, saguy@soc.ucla.edu (2020)
Secretary/Treasurer: Laurel Westbrook, Grand Valley State University, westbrol@gvsu.edu (2020)
Student Representative: Praveena Lakshmanan, Michigan State University, lakshma9@msu.edu (2020)
Student Representative: Alithia Zamantakis, Georgia State University, azamantakis1@gsu.edu (2021)
Newsletter Editor: Vivian Swayne, University of Tennessee, gbd874@vols.utk.edu (ongoing)
Webmaster: Morgan Carey Matthews, University of Wisconsin-Madison, asasexandgender@gmail.com (2025)

Council Members

Erin A. Cech, University of Michigan, ecech@umich.edu (2020)
Caitlyn Collins, Washington University in St. Louis, c.collins@wustl.edu (2020)
Katie Linette Acosta, Georgia State University, kacosta@gsu.edu (2021)
Georgiann Davis, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, georgiann.davis@unlv.edu (2021)
Jennifer Carlson, University of Arizona, jennifercarlson@email.arizona.edu (2021)
Dawn M. Dow, University of Maryland, College Park, dmdow@umd.edu (2022)
Susila Gurusami, University of Illinois at Chicago, gurusami@uic.edu (2022)
Emily S. Mann, University of South Carolina, emann@mailbox.sc.edu (2022)
Myron Strong, The Community College of Baltimore County,
mstrong2@ccbcmd.edu (fulfilling remaining year of a vacated position ending 2020)

2019-20 Committees

Program Committee

Sara Crawley, Section Chair and Committee Chair
Kimberly Kay Hoang, Section Chair-Elect
Pallavi Banerjee, University of Calgary, pallavi.banerjee@ucalgary.ca (2019-2021)
Emily Fairchild, New College of Florida, efairchild@ncf.edu (2019-2021)
Kjerstin Gruys, University of Nevada, Reno, kgruys@unr.edu, (2018-20)
Alison Moss, Indiana University South Bend armoss@iusb.edu (2018-20) (fulfilling second year of a vacated term)

Nominations Committee

Abigail C. Saguy, Section Past Chair and Committee Chair
Sanyu A. Mojola, Princeton University, smojola@princeton.edu
Kristen Barber, Southern Illinois University, barber@siu.edu
Máel Embser-Herbert, Hamline University, embserherbert@hamline.edu
Maria Charles, University of California-Santa Barbara, mcharles@soc.ucsb.edu
Mignon Moore, Barnard College, mmoore@barnard.edu

Membership Committee

Dawn Dow, Chair
Minwoo Jung, University of Southern California, minwooju@usc.edu (2019-2021)
Abigail Ocobock, University of Notre Dame, aocobock@nd.edu (2019-2021)
Lawrence Stacey, Ohio State University stacey.37@osu.edu, (2018-20)
Tristen Kade, Portland State University, tkade@pdx.edu, (2018-20)

Communications Committee

Katie Acosta, Chair
Morgan Matthews, University of Wisconsin-Madison, asasexandgender@gmail.com (webmaster)
Vivian Swayne, University of Tennessee, gbd874@vols.utk.edu (newsletter editor)
Emily Mann, University of South Carolina, emann@mailbox.sc.edu (2019-2021)
Myron Strong, The Community College of Baltimore County, mstrong2@ccbcmd.edu (2019-2020)
Michael Ramirez, Texas A&M University, michael.ramirez@tamucc.edu (2017-2020)
Nik Lampe, University of Central Florida, nicole.marie.lampe@gmail.com (2018-2021)

 Student Concerns Committee

Praveena Lakshmanan, Michigan State University, lakshma9@msu.edu (2018-20), co-chair
alithia zamantakis, Georgia State University, azamantakis1@gsu.edu (2019-2021) co-chair
Aalap Bommaraju, University of Cincinnati, bommarap@mail.uc.edu (2019-21)
Jeff Lockhart, University of Michigan, jwlock@umich.edu (2019-21)
Trenton Haltom, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, tmhaltom@huskers.unl.edu (2018-2020)
Sonny Nordmarken, University of Houston, snordmarken@uh.edu, (2018-20)

Awards Committee (comprised of awards committee chairs)

Kimberly Kay Hoang, Chair
Erin Cech – Distinguished Article Award Chair
Caitlyn (Caity) Collins – Feminist-Scholar Award Chair
Georgiann Davis – Distinguished Book Award Chair
Jennifer Carlson – Sally Hacker Award Chair

Distinguished Article Award Committee

Erin Cech, Chair
Natasha Quadlin, Ohio State University, quadlin.2@osu.edu
Alan Santinele Martino, McMaster University, santina@mcmaster.ca
Amy Kroska, Oklahoma University, amykroska@ou.edu
Austin Johnson, Kenyon College, johnson2@kenyon.edu

Distinguished Book Award Committee

Georgiann Davis, Chair
Susila Gurusami, University of Illinois at Chicago, gurusami@uic.edu
Amanda Fehlbaum, Youngstown State University, afehlbaum@ysu.edu
Aliya Rao, Singapore Management University, aliya.rao@gmail.com
Angela Jones, Farmingdale State College, jonesa@farmingdale.edu
Abigail Andrews, University of California-San Diego, alandrews@ucsd.edu
Michelle Smirnova, University of Missouri–Kansas City, smirnovam@umkc.edu
Ellen Lamont, Appalachian State University, lamontec@appstate.edu

Feminist Scholar Activist Award Committee

Caitlyn Collins, Chair
Sonny Nordmarken, University of Houston, snordmarken@uh.edu
Crystal Jackson, John Jay College-City University of New York, crjackson@jjay.cuny.edu
Anna Hidalgo, Columbia University, aph2144@columbia.edu
Marlese Durr, Wright State University, marlese.durr@wright.edu

Sally Hacker Award Committee

Jennifer Dawn Carlson, Chair
Stephanie Bonnes, University of New Haven, sbonnes@newhaven.edu
Paige Sweet, Harvard University, paigesweet@fas.harvard.edu
Emily Allen Paine, Columbia University, ep2982@cumc.columbia.edu
Ying-Chao Kao, Virginia Commonwealth University, yckao@vcu.edu

San Francisco 2020 Reception–Local Arrangements

Eli Alston-Stepnitz, University of California-Davis, ecalstonstepnitz@ucdavis.edu, Co-chair
Jess Kolber, University of California-Davis, jkolber@ucdavis.edu, Co-chair
Lori Freedman, University of California-San Francisco, Lori.Freedman@ucsf.edu
Judy Auerbach, University of California-San Francisco, judithd.auerbach@gmail.com



Section on Sex and Gender
American Sociological Association
Copyright 2018


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