Editors’ Desk

The Sex and Gender section is one of the largest and most active sections in the American Sociological Association. Through research, teaching, and campus and community engagement, section members already advance understandings of sex and gender throughout the world. We hope our digital presence will offer additional forums for discussion and even more networking opportunities. You’ll find us online in four digital forums: this website; social media, including Facebook and Twitter; our member listserv; and a digital newsletter, coming soon.

Our website offers up-to-date information about the section leadership, activities at the annual ASA meeting, awards, member publications, and upcoming events. Our site will continue to house our current and past newsletter, and will soon include a history of the section. Students will be able to learn more about section programs and events designed to support students. Finally, the website will serve as a hub for our social media sites.

In the coming year, you will find us taking a much more interactive approach to both our Facebook page, and Twitter feed. We will use these spaces to share ASA and Section news and announcements, publicize professional development opportunities, and update followers on the work of section members.

The listserv will continue to provide members with section news, calls for papers, new books and articles, and job postings, on (or around) the 1st and 15th of each month. Send information you would like posted to the section listserv announcements to the section email account: asasexandgender@gmail.com.

The final piece of our digital footprint is our newsletter. The most recent newsletter can be found in pdf form on our website, along with copies of past newsletters. Moving forward we expect our newsletter to become fully digital. The Publications Committee is working with Newsletter Editor, Alicia Smith, on this transition.

As we continue to move forward with changes to our digital presence, we encourage section members to offer feedback. Be in touch by email, Facebook, or Twitter. We look forward to working with you!

Website Editor
J.A. Carter, Miami University – Hamilton

Associate Website Editors
Jessica Fields, San Francisco State University
Tristan Bridges, The College at Brockport, SUNY
Megan Tesene, Georgia State University
Michela Musto, University of Southern California

Section on Sex and Gender
American Sociological Association
Copyright 2015

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