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The Program Committee (Jessica Fields (chair), James J. Dean, Max Greenberg, Fareen Parvez, Allison Pugh, and Elena Shih) are pleased to announce the 2015 Sex and Gender Section sessions. Our section will sponsor or co-sponsor a total of six open sessions, two invited sessions, and a roundtable session. Thanks to the committee for their work assembling the sessions and to the co-sponsoring sections for their collaboration.


 7 a.m.

Sex and Gender Council Meeting

 8:30-9:30 a.m.

  1. Section on Sex and Gender Roundtable Session
    Session Organizers: Jennifer Beggs Weber, University of West Georgia

Nathaniel Burke, University of Southern California

Table 1. Economies of Sex and Gender

#SugarBowl: The Purchase of Intimacy, Sexual Violence, and Friendship in the Lives of Sugar Babies. Katherine Hill, University of Texas

Meaning and Exchange in Sugar Arrangements. Carmen Rowe, Boston University

Young Women in the Sex Economy: Counter Narratives to Entry Pathways. Laurie Schaffner, University of Illinois-Chicago

Table 2. Media/Film

Table Presider: Myron Strong, University of NorthTexas

Approaching Limits: Exhaustion and Recovery of a Film Genre. Arialle Kaye Crabtree, University of Georgia; Bryan Christopher Cannon, University of Georgia; James J. Dowd, University of Georgia

Race Play in BDSM Porn: The Erotization of Oppression. Jesus Gregorio Smith, Texas A&M University

Straight male privilege in popular social analysis. Neal King, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Table 3. Violence and Masculinity

Table Presider: Archibaldo Silva, University of California-Irvine

Beyond Fraternities and Football: An Exploration of College Sexual Assault Without Traditional Hyper- Masculine Institutions. Nicole Bedera, University of Maryland-College Park

Reproduction of Hegemonic Masculinity in TopSelling Video Games. Phoenicia Nicole Fares, University of California – Riverside

Relationship between Latino/a High School Video Game Players and Rape Myth Acceptance. Ana Noa Toledo, University of Illinois-Chicago; Ariana Medrano, University of Illinois-Chicago

Table 4. Work and Family

Table Presider: Karla B. Hackstaff, Northern Arizona University

Child Support Queens and Disappointing Dads: Gender and Child Support Compliance. Elizabeth Cozzolino, University of Texas-Austin; Christine L. Williams, University of Texas-Austin

Women’s Self-Employment Cross-Nationally: Work- Family Balance, Avoiding the Mommy Track, or Opting Back In? Michelle J. Budig, University of Massachusetts; Misun Lim, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Irene S. Boeckmann,

WZB Berlin Social Science Research Center Paid Leaves as Buffer Zones: Policy Contexts and Work-Life Balance among Canadian Mothers. Karen L. Christopher, University of Louisville

Table 5. Embodiment

Table Presider: Shelly Ronen, New York University

Creating the Pole Body and Giving it Meaning. Dana Fennell, Univerity of Southern Mississippi

Risk, Gender, and Fire Arts: Expanding the Sociological Understanding of Flow. Kathryn Hendricks, University of Chicago

The Relationships Among Gender, Sport Participation, and Adolescents’ Appearance Evaluation. Laken Pruitt, Oklahoma State University; Heather McLaughlin, Oklahoma State University

Black Women Run: A Life Story Study. Alicia Smith, Case Western Reserve University

Table 6. Gender and Identity

Table Presider: Amelia Meredythe Blume, University of Arizona

From Consensus to Division: Shifting Images of and Identities among American Catholic Women,

1950-1980. Maureen Kelley Day, Graduate Theological Union

The Role of Gender in Understanding How Cancer Shapes the Self and Identity of Survivors. Laura E. Rogers, University of California-San Diego

Table 7. Medical/Mental Health

Table Presider: Katherine Mason, Miami University

Gender-Specific Risks For Suicidality: Individual And Family Risk Factors, Substance Use, Domestic Violence. HASAN SANKIR, Bülent Ecevit Üniversitesi; nuray atasoy, Bülent Ecevit Üniversitesi; Ozge Saraçlı, Bülent Ecevit ÜniversitesiThe Sacral Touch: A Biopolitical Elaboration of Sex- for-Health. Ela Przybylo, York University

Within Gender Differences in the the Lived Experiences of BRCA-positive Mutation Males. Sharlene J. Hesse-Biber, Boston College; CHen An, Boston College

Gender Variations in the Relationship between Work Arrangements, Sense of Control, and Depression. Anna Weller Jacobs, Vanderbilt University; C. Andre Christie-Mizell, Vanderbilt University

Table 8. Education

Table Presider: Christine Min Wotipka, Stanford University

Gendering Intelligence: On the Misuse of Biological Determinism in Explaining Gender Inequalities in Education. Neil Schuldiner, City University of New York-Brooklyn College

Is there really a “female advantage” in higher education? Reconceptualizing the “boy crisis” in education. Juan Ramon Portillo-Soto, University of Texas-Austin

Mean Girls and Troublemaking Boys: An Examination of Gender and Power in a Preschool Classroom.

Heidi Gansen, University of Michigan

Table 9. Masculinizing the Feminine

Table Presider: Travis Dean Speice, University of Cincinnati

Maintaining Boundaries: Masculinizing Fatherhood in the Feminine Province of Parenting. Orlee

Hauser, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Men, Mothering & Masculinity: Is There Room For Fathers In “Parenthood”? Jessica Rizk, McMaster University

They Will Worship You and Call You the Man: Constructions of Masculinity in Men’s Cookbooks. Jason Andrew Nolen, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Table 10. Trans Identities

Trans Men and the Materiality of Masculinity. Sofia Aboim, Technische Universität Berlin; Pedro Vasconcelos, ISCTE-IUL

You Aren’t From Around Here: Race, Masculinity, and Rural Transgender Men.  Miriam J. Abelson, Portland State University

Making Every Trans Count. J. Michael Ryan, American University-Cairo

Hetero-cis-normativity and the Gendering of Transphobia. Meredith Gwynne Fair Worthen, University of Oklahoma

Table 11. Queering Spaces

Table Presider: Apoorva Ghosh, XLRI- Xavier School of Management

Who’s Horny in the House Tonight? Drag Queens and the Construction of Queer Spaces. Harry Barbee, Florida State University

Making Queer Spaces within Women’s Roller Derby: Rolling Forward but Never Straight. Suzanne R.

Becker, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

The Power of the DapperQueer: Gender Transgression and (Hegemonic?) Masculinities Through Fashion. Maria-Fatima Santos, University of California-Berkeley

The Queer Borderlands: The Place of Freedom and

Belonging. Kym Bradley, Georgia State University

Table 12. Hookup Culture

Table Presider: Chris M. Smith, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Normative Contexts and the Hookup Culture: Strategies, Behaviors, and Contraceptive Risk- Taking. Laurie Elizabeth Hawkins, University of Colorado-Boulder

Sexual Privilege: The Effect of Private and Elite Campuses on the College Hookup Scene. Joshua

Mausolf, University of Chicago

It’s Always a Little Awkward: Hooking Up and Committed Relationships on a College Campus. jitse jonne schuurmans, University of Amsterdam

Dude, Where’s My Orgasm? Gender and Post- feminism in College Hookup Culture. Jess Butler, Butler University

Table 13. Leisure Groups and Gender

Table Presider: Johanna Quinn, University of Wisconsin-Madison

JUST FOR FUN? Learning and Doing Gender in Salsa Schools. Kara Leiko Takasaki, University of


Macro-level gender equality and gender differences in book reading and sport spectatorship. Susan

Lagaert, Ghent University; Henk Roose, Ghent University

Not Just a Book Club: Gendered Sexual Identity through the Lens of Women’s Book Clubs. Christy

Craig, University of Kansas

Women Onlyness: The Cultural Production of a Gender Regime. Michele Kathryn Donnelly, Syracuse University

Table 14. Youth and Sexuality

Table Presider: Michela Musto, University of Southern California

Is social status related to internet pornography use? Evidence from the early 2000’s United States.

Xiaozhao Yousef Yang, Purdue University

Mixed Messages: Influence of Identity on Student Experiences of In-School Sex Education. Cameron Michels, San Francisco State University

Resisting the Taint, Marking the Slut: Middle Class Lesbian Girls and Claims to Sexual Propriety. Elizabethe Payne, City University of New York- Hunter College I’m Not Gonna Not Have Sex: The Male Peer Group and Men’s Sexual Decision-Making. Rachel Kalish, State University of New York-Stony Brook

Table 15. Mothering Choices

Table Presider: Se Hwa Lee, State University of New York-Albany

Trajectories to Abortion Decision-Making Including Abortion-Related Care: A Conceptual Framework.

Alison Norris, The Ohio State University; Ernestina Coast, London School of Economics and Political Science; Ann Moore, Guttmacher Institute; Emily Freeman, London School of Economics and Political Science

Scientific Mothering, Morality and Peer Milk Sharing: Milk Sharers’ Responses to a Scientific Study. Shannon K. Carter, University of Central Florida; Beatriz Reyes-Foster, University of Central Florida

Unwanted Pregnancy among Zanzibari Women. Alison Norris, Yale University; Maryam Hemed,

African Union Commission; John B. Casterline, The Ohio State University

Table 16. Work and Ethics

Table Presider: Vrushali Patil, Florida International University

A Gendered Approach to Science Ethics for U.S. and U.K. Physicists. Elaine Howard Ecklund, Rice University; Di Di, Rice University

Teamsport Hegemony and Gender Inequality in Sport-Based Employment Hiring Practices. Lauren J. Joseph, Pennsylvania State University- Schuylkill; Eric Anderson, University of Bath

Filial Son, Masculinity and the Making of Male Migrant Workers in Urban China. Xiaodong Lin, University of York

Table 17. Identities and Attitudes

Table Presider: Jaime Hartless, University of Virginia

Insider or Outsider? Issues of Power & Habitus during Life History Interviews with Menopausal Iranian Women. Elham Amini, Durham University

The Multidimensional Nature of Gender Attitudes. Joanna Pepin, University of Maryland

Checking Privilege at the Door: Men’s Disruption of Hegemonic Masculinity in Women’s and Gender Studies Courses. Rachel Marie Schmitz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Elizabeth Anne Richardson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Femininity, Masculinity, and Feminist Identity: Variation by Race-Ethnicity. Ann M. Beutel, University of Oklahoma; Barbara Ann Borden, University of Oklahoma; Stephanie Woodham Burge, University of Oklahoma

Table 18. Resistance

Table Presider: Julia A McReynolds-Pérez, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Gendered Transitions to Old Age & Identity Work in the New Nativist Movement. Jennifer Lynn Johnson, Kenyon College

Queer Economics, Postcoloniality, and the Lesbian Enclave in Eresos: A Subaltern Perspective on Alternative Economics. Marina Karides, University of Hawaii-Hilo

The Gender Revolution Marches On!: A Latent Class Analysis on Gender Attitudes, 1977-2012. Ray Sin, University of Illinois-Chicago

The Revolution Will Be Feminized: Discourse on Women’s Participation in Chávez’s Venezuela. Jennifer Triplett, Tulane University

Table 19. Work and Inequality

Table Presider: Sine Anahita, University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Clients’ Gendered Expectations and the Gender Pay Gap. Adilia E.E. James, University of Chicago

Fashioning Gender: Work-The Gendered Organization of Culture Industry Careers. Allyson Stokes, University of Texas-Austin

Gender and Age Discrimination at Work: Intersecting inequalities across the Lifecourse. Catherine E. Harnois, Wake Forest University

Table 20. Masculinized Spaces

Table Presider: Lauren Ashley Diamond-Brown, Boston College

Managing Femininity to Manage Success: How Women Thrive in Academic Medicine and Basic

Science. Emily V.M. Jones, University of Kansas

U.S. Servicewomen’s Strategies for Inclusion in the Military Family: Invoking Masculinity and Downplaying Sexual Harassment. Stephanie Bonnes, University of Colorado-Boulder

Revisiting Gender Inequality: Women in Masculinized Spaces. J.A. Carter, Miami University-Hamilton

Talk like a Man. Walk like a Man, My Son: Straight- identified Individuals’ Experiences of Homophobia. Travis Beaver, Colgate University


Section on Sex and Gender Business Meeting


  1. Section on Sex and Gender Invited Session. Conversations on Feminist Theory

Session Organizers: Fareen Parvez, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Cassaundra Rodriguez, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Presider: Fareen Parvez, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Can I Be A Feminist? An Essay on Ambivalence Toward Contemporary US Feminism(s). Lynn Sharon Chancer, City University of New York-Hunter College

Still Facing Challenges to Intersectional Organizing: Seeking Racial and Gender Justice After Hurricane Katrina. Rachel E. Luft, Seattle University

Presenter: Nazanin Shahrokni, Harvard University

Discussant: Rachel A. Rinaldo, University of Virginia


  1. Section on Sex and Gender Paper Session.

Straight Sexualities: Critical Perspectives (co- sponsored with Section on Sexualities) Session Organizers: James Joseph Dean, Sonoma State University

Alison R. Moss, University of Illinois-Chicago

Presiders: James Joseph Dean, Sonoma State University

Alison R. Moss, University of Illinois-Chicago

Straight Up Confusing: Heterosexuality, Homophobia, and Sexual Pleasure. Lauren Charles Stewart, University of Oregon

Exploring Gender Differences in Heterosexual Marking. Laurel R. Davis-Delano, Springfield College; Elizabeth M. Morgan, Springfield College

Helpin’ Buddies: Perceptions of Identity Among Rural Straight Men That Have Sex With Each Other. Tony Silva, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Pony is for Sexual Bronies and the Discursive Construction of Abject Masculinity Online. John Bailey, State University of New Jersey-Rutgers

Discussants: Alison R. Moss, University of Illinois-Chicago

James Joseph Dean, Sonoma State University


  1. Section on Sex and Gender Paper Session.

Intersectional Approaches to Trans Studies (co- sponsored with LGBT Caucus)

Session Organizers: Angela Jones, State University of New York-Farmingdale College

Shantel Gabrieal Buggs, University of Texas-Austin

Presider: Angela Jones, State University of New York- Farmingdale College

Rethinking At-Risk Narratives: Trans Youths’ Stories about Embodiment and Intelligibility. Julia Sinclair-Palm, York University

Theorizing Gender Ideologies Through Experiences of Misgendering. Sonny M. Nordmarken, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Trans*Parenting: Family as a Site of Queer World- Making. Laura Victoria Heston, University of Massachusetts-Amherst



  1. Section on Sex and Gender Paper Session. Gender Activism and the Global South

Session Organizers: Elena Shih, Brown University

Sasha Maria Rodriguez, State University of NewYork-Stony Brook

Ready Rhetorics: International LGBT Activism, Local Contexts, and Political Homophobia in Malawi, Nigeria, and Uganda. Tara A. McKay, University ofCalifornia-Berkeley; Nicole Angotti, University ofColorado-Boulder

Feminicidio, Transnational Feminist Human Rights Activism, and the Politics of Shaming. Paulina Garcia del Moral, University of Toronto

Sexual Laborers and Entrepreneurial Women: Gendering Sex Worker Activism in Bangalore, India. Gowri Vijayakumar, University of California-Berkeley

The Burden of Class Antagonism: On the Rise of Popular Feminism in Postsocialist China. Yige Dong, Johns Hopkins University; Angela Xiao Wu, Chinese University of Hong Kong


  1. Section on Sex and Gender Paper Session. Sexual Assault and the State

Session Organizers: Max A. Greenberg, University of Southern California Rebecca F. Plante, Ithaca College

Presider: Max A. Greenberg, University of Southern California

Compliance on Campus? Students, Sexual Harassment and Legal Regulation in American Higher Education. Gillian Gualtieri, University of California-BerkeleyMobilizing the Law for Men: How Male Rape Prosecutions Reproduce Masculinity. Jamie L Small, University of Michigan

Sexual Violence, Legal Reforms, and Forensic Reports: The Emerging Medico-Legal Discourse and Practice in Turkey. Tugce Ellialti, University of Pennsylvania

Discussant: Heather R. Hlavka, Marquette University


  1. Section on Sex and Gender Invited Session. Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Justice: Considering Criminality

Session Organizer: Jessica Fields, San Francisco State University

Presider: Andreana L. Clay, San Francisco State University

Multiple Consciousness or Why Black LGBT Lives Matter. Marcus Anthony Hunter, University of California-Los Angeles

Socialized into Submission: What Stop-and-Frisk Does to Young Black Men, and Why Feminists Should Care.Nikki Jones, University of California-Berkeley

The Criminalization of Urban Boys Across Institutional and Intersectional Fields. Victor M. Rios, University of California-Santa Barbara

Of Social Maladies and Legal Remedies: Identity and the Juvenile Justice Process. Carla Shedd, Columbia University

Discussant: Hillary Potter, University of Colorado-Boulder

7:30 pm

Joint Reception: Section on Sex and Gender and Section on Race, Gender and Class



  1. Section on Organizations, Occupations and Work Paper Session. Sexual Minorities and Work (co-sponsored with Section on Sex and Gender)

Session Organizer: Maura Kelly, Portland State University

Presider: Maura Kelly, Portland State University

A View from the Academe: Lesbian and Gay Faculty and Minority Stress. Raine Dozier, Western Washington University

Discrimination against Lesbians in the U.S. Workforce: A Resume Audit Study. EMMA MISHEL, New York University

Sexual orientation and self-employment: Evidence from Canada. Sean Waite, McGill University; Nicole Genevieve Denier, McGill University

Sexuality-Free Careers?: Sexual Minority Young Adults’ Perceived Lack of Labor Market Disadvantages. Koji Ueno, Florida State University; Abraham E Pena-Talamantes, Florida State University; Teresa Roach, Florida State University; Amanda N Nix, Florida State University; Lacey Ritter, Florida State University



  1. Section on Race, Gender and Class Invited Session. Intersectionality Theory and Praxis: Implications for Social Policy (co-sponsored with Section on Sex and Gender)

Session Organizer: Nancy Lopez, University of New Mexico

Presider: Nancy Lopez, University of New Mexico

Panelists: Kimberly Crenshaw, University of California-Los Angeles Evelyn Nakano Glenn, University of California-Berkeley Lynn Weber, University of South Carolina

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