ASA 2018

ASA, the Sexualities Preconference, and other sociology conferences in Philadelphia in August will include some gender-inclusive restrooms. Sociologists for Trans Justice (S4TJ) has created a guide of inclusive bathrooms for each conference.  (Note that the city of Philadelphia legally recognizes the right of any individual to use gender-segregated public restrooms that correspond with their gender identity and expression.  In addition, the S4TJ guide notes whether conference badges will include attendees’ pronoun(s).

Find Section Scholars

Find other Sex & Gender scholars by looking for our buttons and stickers.  Get your own at the section meetings, receptions, and/or sessions.

Section Business Meeting and Receptions


Joint Reception: Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender and Section on Race, Gender Class
6:30 to 8:10pm, Offsite, Philadelphia Courtyard Marriott Downtown, Juniper Room, 21 N. Juniper Street

Graduate Student Mixer
8:30 p.m., Offsite, Filed House Sports Bar, 1150 Filbert Street, 2-5 minute walk from Philadelphia Marriott Downtown


  1. Meeting. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender Business Meeting Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Franklin Hall 4, Level 4, 9:30-10:10am


Section Sessions


  1. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Gender, Health, and Medicine Pennsylvania Convention Center, 111B, Street Level, 8:30- 10:10am Session 

Organizer: Austin H Johnson, Kenyon College

“Being You is Not Sick”: (De)medicalization of Thai Kathoey Identity
Alyssa A. Lynne, Northwestern University

Dangerous Male Bodies: Gendered Sexuality and Perceptions of STI Risk
Cristen N. Dalessandro, University of Colorado at Boulder

Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Spouses as the “Strong Arm” of Health Care
Corinne Reczek, The Ohio State University; Alexandra Kissling, Ohio State University; Lauren Elizabeth Gebhardt-Kram, The Ohio State University; Debra Umberson, The University of Texas at Austin

From Decision to Incision: Ideologies of Gender in Surgical Cancer Care Piper Sledge, Bryn Mawr College

The Pharmaceuticalization of Emotional Brains: Tracing the Emergence of Personalized Sexual Medicine Brandon Lee Kramer, Rutgers University

Discussants: Marci D. Cottingham, University of Amsterdam Jordan Forrest Miller, Georgia State University

  1. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Gender/Sex and Emotional Labor in Work and/or Family Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 402, Level 4, 10:30am12:10pm

Session Organizer: Mary Blair-Loy, University of CaliforniaSan Diego
Presider: Catherine A. Crowder, University of California San Diego

Access to Flexible Workplace Policies: Expectations and Reality Kaitlin Johnson, Indiana University Gendered Mental Labor in Young Professionals’ Career and Family Plans
Jaclyn S. Wong, University of Chicago

Straight woman in a gay man’s world: Allies’ diversity resources in LGBTQ community
Clare Forstie, Farmingdale State College

Housework, education, and relative earnings: When do norms trump economic rationality?
Dana Hamplova, Institute of Sociology; Renata Topinkova and Jana Klimova Chaloupkova, Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences

The ‘Crazy Organic Mother’ as 21st Century Hysteric: Calibrating Extreme Femininities in Family Foodwork
Norah MacKendrick, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey; Teja Pristavec, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Discussant: Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts


  1. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Gender, Race, and State Violence Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Franklin Hall 5, Level 4, 2:30-4:10pm

Session Organizer: Joseph Crampah Ewoodzie, Davidson College

Black Girls and the Talk: Policing, Parenting, and the (re)Production of Hegemonic Illegibility
Shannon Malone Gonzalez, University of Texas at Austin

Capitalizing on Diversity and Fear: A Gentrifying Immigrant LGBT neighborhood After Trump
Feng-Yuan Hsu, Columbia University

Protectors of the Defenders: Gendered Logics of Protection and Sacrifice within the Donbas Conflict
Christina Olha Jarymowycz, Boston University


  1. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Gender, Social Movements, and (In)Justice Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Franklin Hall 6, Level 4, 4:30-6:10pm

Session Organizer: James Joseph Dean, Sonoma State University
Presider: Tal Peretz, Auburn University

#MeToo and the Silence Breakers: Managing Allyship and Incorporating Intersectionality Without Derailing Activism
Jaime Hartless, University of Virginia

The 2017 National Women’s March and the Pink Pussyhat: Symbol of Solidarity?
Nancy L. Malcom, Georgia Southern University; V. Ann Paulins, Ohio University; Julie L. Hillery, The Ohio State University; Alexandra Howell, Meredith College

Online Harassment of Feminists: The New Frontier of Inequality and Mobilization
Alison Dahl Crossley, Stanford University

The Men’s Rights Movement and Online Anti-Feminist Echo Chambers
Patrick Rafail and Isaac R Freitas, Tulane University

“No Seat at the Party”: Mobilizing White Masculinity in the Men’s Rights Movement Emily Kiyoko Carian, Stanford University

Discussant: Tal Peretz, Auburn University



Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender Refereed Roundtable Session
Tue, August 14, 10:30am to 12:10pm, Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Level 5, Salon H

Session Organizers
Asia Friedman, University of Delaware
Jaime Hartless, University of Virginia

Complete list of tables and presenters


  1. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Femininities Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Franklin Hall 4, Level 4, 12:30-2:10pm

Session Organizers: Andrea Pauline Herrera, University of Oregon Dana A. Berkowitz, Louisiana State University
Presider: Megan Carroll, University of Southern California

Embodied Authority: The Incongruence of Women’s Bodies and Perceived Ability to Lead
Katie R. Lauve-Moon, Texas Christian University

Gendered adoption of bird photography Eun Young Song Idealized Femininities and Embodied Nationalism: Aesthetic Labor in the Nigerian Beauty Pageant Industry
Oluwakemi M. Balogun, University of Oregon

Situational Gender and Femininity: Sexuality, Gender Performance, and Gender Anxiety Kimberly G. Tauches, Centenary University

Discussant: Carla A. Pfeffer, University of South Carolina


  1. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Gendered Violence, Sexual Harassment, and Title IX Pennsylvania Convention Center, 111B, Street Level, 2:30- 4:10pm

Session Organizer: Marla H. Kohlman, Kenyon College
Presider: Gillian Gualtieri, University of California Berkeley

Catcalling: A Reproduction of Systemic Sexism in the Streets 2
Melissa Kumari Ochoa Garza, Texas A&M University

Sexual Orientation and Sexual Assault: A Routine Activities Perspective of Rape in America
Mary Kathryn McDougal, Texas A&M University

Sexual Harassment of Men by Other Men: Hetero-masculinity at Work
Cynthia Deitch, George Washington University

The Diffusion of Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaints
Celene Raymer Reynolds, Yale University

Avoiding Narratives Unfolding: Unwanted Sex Among College Students
Jessie Ford, New York University

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